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Thank you for choosing Plumbing Express for all of your plumbing, drain cleaning, and gas service needs!

We realize that home repairs can be daunting and expensive, especially plumbing. Whether it is a personal residence, or a rental property, we have you covered. Over the years, we have become experts in our field, which is how we have grown our immaculate reputation over all social media platforms, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, Next Door, and the Better Business Bureau.

Our technicians are all professionally:

  • Uniformed

  • Crimshield background certified

  • Drug Tested

Our vehicles are clearly marked or wrapped with our company logo.

Our residential services include all repairs small and large, day or night.


We perform all drain cleaning services for sewer and drain lines! Our services include tub and shower, lavatory sinks, kitchen sinks, laundry, sewer mains, and hydrojetting. We use high quality machines and equipment to get the job done right, in any situation. Our technicians are carefully chosen and highly skilled to solve your plumbing problems. Once the line is cleared, we run a state of the art camera system through your sewer line - AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, for a clean bill of health. If we do encounter any issues, we mark and locate any problem areas for you and fully explain the process to you. We can then give you a complete and competitive quote for the repair to get your property back to peak operating performance.

Some common issues we encounter on a slow draining line such as the lavatory, kitchen, laundry, and tub/shower are:

  • Hair

  • Soap scum

  • Foreign debris

  • Food debris

Some common issues we encounter from a slow flushing toilet are:

  • Foreign objects

  • Bottles

  • Cosmetics

  • Toys

Some common issues we encounter from a backed up sewer main are:

  • Large foreign objects

  • Grease buildup

  • Bellies - the middle of the pipe has settled, making it like a banana

  • Offset - one pipe settles, but one does not, creating a dam

  • Roots

  • Sludge



We perform all water line and fixture repair and replacement. Our services include repair and replacement of water heaters - tankless or conventional, garbage disposals, pumps, water softening systems, reverse osmosis systems, main water valves, hose bibs, pressure regulating valves, toilets, shower valves, shower cartridges, remodels, and full PEX re-pipes. We service all makes and models.


We perform all gas and fixture repair and replacement. We can run any new gas line, service any gas appliance, and thread our own gas line from hard drawn galvanized or black iron pipe. We are also certified for flexible Gastite installations. We can install gas fireplaces, gas grills, gas ranges, gas dryers, and gas water heaters or tankless units.

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