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Q & A

Why is it important to use a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor?

Licensed - This is referring to the company having a legitimate contracting license, which allows them to legally conduct business in the State of Arizona. They have passed a state approved business and trade test and it proves a certain level of competency in their particular area of expertise, such as plumbing. HVAC, electrical, masonry, etc. This is important to ensure safe and legal work by a skilled professional on your property.

Bonded - This is essentially insurance for the homeowner. All trades that conduct residential business MUST be bonded. The bond is a surety set up between the contractor and the AZ Registrar of Contractors,, so that if a contractor lies, cheats, steals, takes a deposit, or leaves the homeowner high and dry for any reason, the homeowner can then be repaid, partially or in full, by the ROC through the contractor’s bond. The contractor is then stuck and cannot conduct business legally until his bond is repaid to the AZ ROC company. This is critical, since most complaints filed by homeowners are regarding unlicensed (and unbonded) contråactors taking deposits and not returning, making locating them virtually impossible.

Insured - This is liability insurance paid for by the contractor, for the homeowner or anyone else directly affected by their work. This would cover acts or accidents such as fire, flood, or other damage caused accidentally by the contractor. Unlicensed contractors almost never offer this insurance, simply because most insurance companies will not take a chance on an unlicensed or unskilled worker. 


All three of these aspects are different, but equally important to protect the homeowner from incompetency, deceptive practices, or accidental damage. They all cover something different, and all three should be in place, before considering hiring anyone to work on your property.

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Do you offer free estimates and free quotes?

We do offer free visual quotes and estimates valleywide. If the work is fully visible and accessible, there will be no charge for the quote. If we are required to open the wall, test equipment, or any other aspect requiring tangible labor, a fee may apply.

Can I supply my own parts and materials to save money?

Typically, we supply the parts and material for the quoted job we are performing. This helps us keep our scheduling, job timing, pricing, and warranty obligations accurate, and fully protects the customer in every aspect of the job. We limit our markup to a competitive rate with the big box retailers, so after factoring in your own several trips, gas, time, etc, you are actually saving by allowing us to supply all material necessary.

In certain instances, we do make exceptions to this rule. Some customers have custom equipment, trim, or accessories that must be installed and can only be supplied by them. In these cases, we will allow the customer to supply the parts, with the knowledge that we do not offer any warranty on these customer-supplied materials.

Do you offer a warranty on your work?

Yes, we warranty all work, including drains.

Drains - We offer a 30 day warranty on all drains we snake. If the drain backs up again within 30 days, we will return and clear it free of charge, with the expectation that the customer will pay for the camera inspection, so we can solve the problem for good.

Repairs - We offer a 1 year warranty on all parts and labor.

How are you able to price-match any other plumber, without sacrificing quality?

Our industry is very competitive, and our goal is to offer the customer the lowest price and the best service possible. Here are some ways we are able to beat the competition, while still keeping the doors open and offering the same quality:

  • We allow our dispatch and office staff to work remotely, eliminating the need for an expensive office or storefront.


  • We keep all box trucks fully stocked with parts and material to get the job done on the spot, whenever possible, eliminating multiple trips to the supply house.


  • WE PAY OUR EMPLOYEES HOURLY! We do it the old-fashioned way. Most plumbing companies pay a high commission to the employee, which sometimes drives up the cost of the job artificially, depending on which technician you are “lucky” enough to allow in your home. Our technicians are honest, friendly, and transparent, eliminating high-costs to you and the company!



  • We run our company virtually debt-free, allowing us to pass our savings on to the customer in the form or lower prices and price-matching.

  • We rely heavily on word or mouth, referrals, repeat customers, and our box trucks as advertising, eliminating the need for expensive billboards, commercials, and online ads.

While we are a business and we do need to turn a profit, all of these in combination allow us to keep our costs as low as possible, and more importantly, HONOR OUR PRICE-MATCH PROMISE!

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